SOS: Platform woes

So here I am, in the thick of it again, trying to keep sharp for after work experiments. A job requirement for me is after hours learning. I have another requirement, to keep sharp. The recent problem I have introduced was moving back to an open source agency that has a clear focus on web applications using PAAS hosting. This has the beauty of being a wide variety of tech stacks to work in but as of rn we are predominantly PHP; hence the new WordPress site. As new updates and paradigms have been introduced to this space, I kinda love it again. So what is the problem? Atrophy…

love C#. I think I get a huge advantage at being a super generalist but if there is one thing that really doesn’t fit into our model is .NET. It is true that with ASP.CORE more of this will become a reality but it is going to take a moment for the small creative agency verse to catch up. This was the premise for V1 of thisblogwillcrash. This is how I ended up back here but I have immediate plans for the future I need to harden. I need this space because I need a CMS + blogging platform. Maybe this gets moved over to EPI. The only problem with this is I keep asking myself why. Part of being a good architect is picking the right tool for the job. EPI has a TON of capabilities but would be the hammer of THOR for my little space on the web.

Keeping honest. I set out to build with content generation and integration in mind. This goal is tech agnostic. I would prefer to work with REST APIs using C#. The premise for was going to be built around APIs.

Next Steps:

  • Build Pinterest powered landing pages for Tech, Creative, Lifestyle
  • Build service to generate draft posts based on these Pinterest feeds
  • Open the above workflow to support Evernote, Facebook and Twitter
  • Work on Android App for above rapid blogging flow.
  • Site B = new Website(Site Masscreate); // I have another side project coming up that reuses a lot of the above flow. THIS should be EPI

I understand I create big lofty goals. This is how I work. One TODO at a time.


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