Real Art Direction

I was checkinking out this article on An Event Apart:

Revolutionize Your Page: Real Art Direction on the Web by Jen Simmons: An Event Apart video

I have some things to say about the overall presentation but Jen absolutely put a spark in my mind. It happened when she was talking about the books and pools of resources for graphic designers in regards to print and type. It provokes a conversation and she follows the thread by talking about Grid systems and frameworks. Naturally, I thought about my web properties. I used to be a designer. I have fallen into the same trap I think most of the designed web has fallen into. Everything looks perfect. Everything fits templates.

I want to revisit my books. There is an endless treasure of design inspiration that is not limited to these frameworks. The web is so fluid and really our limitation is our viewport but _it’s bigger on the inside_

I want to revisit this thought further, but I also want to apply it to this site. Time to break the GRID!




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