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Welcome to My portfolio site, and now home to This Blog Will Crash. This site is the culmination of a few ideas coming together.

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Donal Casey + ideas / code = MassCreate



Come here for creative inspiration || See what I am looking at and let’s talk about it!


Generalists vs. Specialist

I keep swinging¬†between¬†reactions to new tech. The joke is known, at least with JavaScript Frameworks, but I get excited…

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Pantheon et Lando Documentation

Pantheon Lando Documentation Working with Pantheon Lando offers a configurable recipe for spinning up apps that closely mimic the…

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SOS: Platform woes

So here I am, in the thick of it again, trying to keep sharp for after work experiments. A…

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Real Art Direction

I was checkinking out this article on An Event Apart: Revolutionize Your Page: Real Art Direction on the Web…

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Reminder _PART DOUX_

I had an idea from the last “post”. I am going to create posts tagged “reminder…”. Each will be…

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Remind me to tell y’all about the time I debugged Ghost events in WordPress. These posts were a custom…

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